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A Family Tradition of Excellence and Personal Service

Stuart Industries, Ltd. is a family owned and operated aerospace fastener distributor located in Burleson, TX. Our business was founded in 1968 to serve contractors, parts suppliers, and manufacturers for commercial, military, and space programs. We’re proud to say that fasteners supplied by Stuart Industries are used by every major aircraft and aerospace manufacturer around the world.

“We’ve watched the aircraft fastener industry change significantly over the last few decades. Today, Stuart Industries is one of the few privately owned stocking distributors left. Our uniquely independent position gives us a lot of flexibility in making long-term decisions that benefit our customers.”

— Sam Good, President

Our Customers Include

Bell Helicopter

Lockheed Martin






Northrop Grumman

Why Wait? Get the Fasteners You Need Now
In a world of “just in time” ordering and lean supply chain management, we are one of the few remaining stocking distributors for aircraft fasteners. To maintain our tradition of putting customers first, we buy in bulk and keep high levels of inventory on hand. In 2015, we completed our move from a 18,000 square foot facility to our 40,000 square foot facility. At this new location, we have space for even greater expansion of our stock and we continue providing industry-leading service to our customers.

Where Quality Meets Experience
In addition to our comprehensive quality assurance program, we bring decades of industry knowledge to the table for our customers. With lead times on some fasteners measured in months or even years, we know how challenging it can be to meet deadlines for hard-to-find items. Let our experts review your engineering drawings to identify a suitable alternative to a specified fastener.

What You Can Expect from Us
Our company is just the right size to deliver outstanding personal service. We take pride in being the first supplier to respond to customers’ bid requests for aerospace fasteners. Orders placed before 1:30 PM are shipped the same day, and we work diligently to accommodate expedited requests. We pay close attention to every detail from paperwork to delivery to provide a hassle-free customer service experience.

STUART INDUSTRIES, LTD., a Texas limited partnership by and through its General Partner,
STUART INDUSTRIES GP, L.L.C., a Texas limited liability company

  • Aircraft Silhouette
  • F15 Refueling
  • F15 Eagle
  • V22 Carrier
  • F4 Phantom
  • B1 Bomber