Blind Bolts / Blind Nuts (BB, BN)

Manufactured by Hi-Shear Corporation and stocked by Stuart Industries, Inc. the recognized leaders in first quality aerospace fasteners in use today!

Blind Bolts

BN126 BN130 BN134
BN135 BN141 BN163
BN325 BN338 BN338.64
BN356 BN357 BN359
BN360 BN360.64 BN362
BN372 BN372P BN377
BN380 BN387 BN388
BN389 BN514 BN516
BN518 BN519LH BN520
BN521 BN523 BN525
BN526 BN527 BN528
BN530 BN532 BN533
BN535 BN536 BN537
BN538 BN540 BN542
BN543 BN545G BN546
BN549 BN555 BN555G
BN556G BN557 BN562
BN565 BN566 BN568
BN1356 BN1360 BN1556G
BN1557 BN1558

Blind Nuts

BB120 BB134 BB140 BB159
BB166 BB167 BB351 BB351F
BB351.64 BB352.32 BB352 BB352F
BB352.64 BB352.32 BB362 BB363
BB365 BB366 BB368 BB369
BB370 BB371 BB379 BB380
BB381 BB382 BB386 BB391
BB391.64 BB392 BB399 BB402
BB420G BB432 BB436 BB437
BB441 BB444 BB444.64 BB444.32
BB445 BB452 BB456 BB460
BB515G BB517 BB518 BB569
BB572 BB575 BB588 BB596
BB597 BB700 BB704 BB704.64

Each shipment is accompanied by an original copy of the Manufacture Reliability Test Report and a signed copy of our C of C at No Charge.