Boeing Military Pins (ST3M, 3D, 3M)

Manufactured by Air Industries & Hi-Shear Corporation and stocked by Stuart Industries, Inc. the recognized leaders in first quality aerospace fasteners in use today!

S4931917 ST3M811 3D0256
S4931918 ST3M812 3D0264
S4931919 ST3M813 3D0291
S4931920 ST3M814 3M1158
S4932183 3D0005 3M1165
S4932535 3D0008 3M1169
S4932867 3D0009 3M1170
S4932868 3D0010 3M1273
S4932869 3D0013 3M1278
ST3M415 3D0028 3M917
ST3M416 3D0029 3M930
ST3M420 3D0031
ST3M430 3D0068
ST3M454 3D0069
ST3M455 3D0073
ST3M456 3D0075
ST3M457 3D0076
ST3M496 3D0080
ST3M525 3D0086
ST3M526 3D0087
ST3M573 3D0097
ST3M608 3D0098
ST3M653 3D0099
ST3M683 3D0108
ST3M730 3D0111
ST3M733 3D0126
ST3M740 3D0137
ST3M758 3D0139
ST3M759 3D0150
ST3M760 3D0160
ST3M761 3D0175
ST3M773 3D0179
ST3M781 3D0196
ST3M782 3D0237
ST3M809 3D0238
ST3M810 3D0239

Each shipment is accompanied by an original copy of the Manufacture Reliability Test Report and a signed copy of our C of C at No Charge.