National Aerospace Standards (NAS)

Manufactured by Air Industries Corporation and stocked by Stuart Industries, Inc. the recognized leader in first quality aerospace fasteners in use today!

NAS1003-1020 NAS2506-2512 NAS6900-6906
NAS1054 NAS2605-2612 NAS7103-7116
NAS1055 NAS2705-2712 NAS7203-7216
NAS1096 NAS2803-2810 NAS7303-7316
NAS1100 NAS2903-2920 NAS7400-7416
NAS1101 NAS4104-4116 NAS7500-7516
NAS1102 NAS4202-4216 NAS7600-7616
NAS1103-1120 NAS4304-4316 NAS7700-7706
NAS1121-1128 NAS4400-4416 NAS7800-7806
NAS1131-1138 NAS4500-4516 NAS7900-7906
NAS1141-1148 NAS4600-4616 NAS8000B
NAS1151-1158 NAS4703-4716 NAS8100-8106
NAS1160 NAS4803-4816 NAS8200-8206
NAS1161-1168 NAS4903-4916 NAS8302-8305
NAS1171-1178 NAS5000-5006 NAS8402-8404
NAS1181-1188 NAS5100-5106 NAS8602-8616
NAS1189 E or V NAS5200-5206 NAS8702-8716
NAS1190 E or V NAS525
NAS1191E NAS529
NAS1218R NAS5300-5306
NAS1223-1235C NAS5400-5406
NAS1297 NAS5500-5506
NAS1303-1320 NAS5600-5606
NAS1351 NAS563-572C
NAS1352 NAS5700-5706
NAS1578 NAS5800-5806
NAS1579 NAS5900-5903
NAS1580 NAS600-606
NAS1581 NAS6000-6003
NAS1582 NAS6100-6103
NAS1620-1628 NAS6203-6220
NAS1630-1634 NAS623
NAS1785 NAS624-644
NAS1790 NAS6303-6320
NAS1801 NAS6403-6420
NAS1802 NAS6500-6505
NAS1972-1980 NAS653-658
NAS2005-2012 NAS6603-6620
NAS2105-2112 NAS6703-6720
NAS2306-2312 NAS673-678
NAS2406-2412 NAS6803-6820

Each shipment is accompanied by an original copy of the Manufacture Reliability Test Report and a signed copy of our C of C at No Charge.